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  1. I have clothes I would like to donate. What are the requirements and what is a good time to bring the clothes to you.

  2. Most comments start off with I have never had to ask for help and I fit in that scenario. I was in tears and humiliated to ask for help with food and just wanted a few cans of vegetables to supplement my peanut butter and bread. The entire staff at this business were sos supportive, kind, caring and did not make me feel like I should not be asking for help. They went above and beyond to notably give me vegetables but things I needed but did not ask for. The above and beyond can do attitude was genuine and so sincerely appreciated. I sincerely hope not to need help again, never say never but that is my goal. I thank all the wonderful people there for making me feel like everything is going to be okay!

  3. My family and I have had a really difficult time this month. Thank you to everyone at the center for all of your help and compassion. It is really hard to ask for help sometimes, but the people here are so understanding and genuinely care.

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